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The Blind Force of the People

Many years ago in the mid-Nineteenth Century, a wise but oft-maligned author (foolishly critized by fanatic uninformed fools in this present so-called modern age) penned this eternal but too-ignored truth:

"The blind force of the people is like gunpowder burned in the open air or steam unconfined by science. It is waste and ruin."

He went on to encourage his readers to recognize that the blind force of the people unregulated, undirected, and unconfined declines toward the worst of human horrors.


His once-famous book is rarely read in these so-called "politically correct" times. Our leaders have no notion of the truths he shared, for if they did we would see them acting with wisdom and honor to make our world safer for everyone, instead of shamelessly pandering for votes, selfishly ignoring the ultimate cost their actions and inactions impose on present and future generations.

Yet, the truths passed down to us from former generations mean and can accomplish nothing if YOU, dear reader (and millions like you) do nothing constructive, nothing effective, nothing positive, and nothing guided by this long-ago author's warning.

You have great, almost unlimited power to effect wonderful change in this nation of ours. However, that power of yours is not in the poling booth alone, nor is it in the promulgation of mindless emails warning of dangers or pointing at manifest mounting errors of our times. Words alone are empty nothings unless effectively directed by action.

Your power is in the courts!

Please consider wisely, for your present circumstance and the future of your children and their progeny for ages to come depends on what YOU do (or foolishly, indolently, and selfishly choose not to do).

All venerated men and women of the past acted on what they believed! They didn't just talk about it, and they certainly didn't content themselves with mere complaining about it.

What do YOU believe? What matters to YOU? And, what are YOU doing about it, i.e., what are you REALLY doing? What have you ever done that has had much of a genuine effect of making any real and lasting difference for the masses?

Too much bother, you say? Well then join the teeming lemmings surrounding you who follow the favored fashions of the times, bitching and moaning about the problems of the day, and doing nothing else but sitting by while others move us toward a destiny that increasingly looks unlike what any of us will truly enjoy.

Humanity cannot long survive without the "force of the people" being economized, energized, informed, and put into action in those arenas where change for the good can be accomplished, change that can affect us all, change that can pave the way for future generations to enjoy the benefits of what we do today!

Do you imagine the blind force of the people will somehow find the path to global peace without direction and guidance?

Do you imagine we can do away with "law and order" and survive the bloody chaos that inevitably must follow when all external constraint is removed from those who struggle just to survive in the teeming underworld of society today?

Dare you believe the blind force laboring at menial tasks just to put a roof over their heads and food on the table will long subject itself to autocratic Draconian rule that compels it to act against fundamental human desire to be free of such unfettered rule?

Stark ineluctible reality balances itself between the Scylla and Charybdis of monstrous and unthinkable extremes.

On the one hand people need guidance, law and order, management, government.

On the other they will not long submit to rule that commands them to act contrary to their base desires.

Humanity is easy to understand. It acts on self-interest. There are none immune to this all-consuming motive. Even the most self-sacrificing saints have been driven by their desire for some form of reward. Nobody acts entirely against his or her own self-interest. Not really.

That self-interest IS the blind force of the people.

That self-interest must be economized, guided, regulated by wisdom that is tempered by love, justice that is tempered by mercy, power that is limited by the people themselves!

This is the philosophical foundation that gave birth to this nation's dream of self-rule.

The dream can only be kept alive by men and women dedicated to constrain government with knowledge of The Rule of Law and the abiding principles of due process that make "liberty and justice for all" a continuing possibility.

It's been said that ignorance of the law is "no excuse". What we all need to be saying is, "There is no excuse for the people to be kept ignorant of the law so they can wisely and effectively govern themselves in spite of the self-interest of their pandering politicians."

What will YOU do to secure government firmly founded on these truths, secure from the self-interest of leadership?

The battle for liberty cannot be one of swords alone.

The battle is also one of words!

Be heard where words work!

Go to court!




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