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In the Midst of Darkness

    Have you ever noticed how light dispels darkness while darkness can never make light disappear? One cannot throw a switch and “turn on” the dark. One can “turn off” the light and allow darkness to fill the spaces left behind, but one cannot command darkness to appear by any act other than removing light.
Let There Be Light!    If darkness is threatening our nation (as many today say it is), perhaps we need to spend less time trying to “put it out” (as if darkness were merely the opposite of light) and realize that the only way to dispel the darkness is to work together to lift the lamp of truth higher.
    If darkness is threatening our nation, it is because someone removed the light!
    All the problems we are facing result from lack of light.
    There are too many today cursing the darkness and not enough lifting the lamp.
    The age of enlightenment was not an age where darkness was attacked but an age where the light of reason was sought as a remedy for human misery. It was the thinking of this age that gave birth to America. This was the age that opened the door for women and men to be treated as equals in the sight of law. Indeed, this was the age that gave birth to the very concept of securing liberty by self-rule. The age of enlightenment saw value in using light to dispel the darkness of despotism’s deceit. Men and women of courage went beyond merely talking about how things ought to be and began to put positive ideas into effective action.
    It was an age of positive thinking and effective doing!
    Today’s age is characterized on the one hand by people oblivious to the threat of globalist imperialism and centralist policies that are eroding our due process rights and on the other hand by a host of individuals who seem so mesmerized by the darkness that they can do nothing but point to the problems and complain. This is not fixing what’s wrong. It is merely adding to the darkness by refusing to share more light!
    Only when truly patriotic individuals and organizations purpose together to do the hard work of teaching the truth of our American heritage of law and reestablishing the principles of justice by which alone liberty can be secured for future generations are we going to see darkness begin to disappear. This author is not the first to say, “One cannot bring light by cursing darkness.”
    Perhaps the reason so few are lifting the lamp today is that they don’t know where to find it. They don’t know what it is. It’s easy to complain about what’s wrong, but it requires effort to study the old books to discover the principles that make liberty possible. Perhaps the reason we are threatened by a new age of darkness is that too few know anything about the principles of justice. Too few have any idea what the rule of law is or how it can be used to prevent global imperialism and centralist policies that are eroding our due process rights. Indeed, only a few have any idea what due process really is!
    Many claim to defend the Constitution when, in fact, they haven’t a clue how to interpret that important document and know even less about the maxims of law upon which it was built.
    Why are we abandoning the principles of our legal heritage? Are we wise to do so?
    Is it because good men and women don’t know what those principles really are?
    If that’s the case, then it is certainly time we lifted the lamp higher!



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